BOO (hoo)!


I am missing my friends BIG TIME tonight. I’m always missing them, but listen, y’all- tonight? I am just flat out pathetic.

Every Halloween we throw a big bash.. and for the first time, I’m not there! Our parties are a blast– we don’t mess around. We literally talk about it all year..  we organize our budget, prepare our theme, rent a place, hire a dj.. it’s awesome! We always have such a blast and it has become a tradition that so many people look forward to…

A couple weeks ago I got the invitation to this year’s party in the mail and welp.. I have been sulking ever since. (Call me dramatic, it wouldn’t be the first time)  I. MISS. THEM.

{Just a sidenote: I barely recognized any of the hostesses names on the invitation. All but four (out of 12!) of our last names have changed since the beginning of this tradition–I was like “who are all these people?!!?”All my besties have been wifeyed up and it is still throwing me off! Please tell me that I’m not the only one who has trouble with this?}

{the girls, being the awesome people that they are, also made this year's bash a 'party with a purpose'. They honored our sweet Trent's life by taking donations for his memorial scholarship fund. He brought the fun everywhere- but especially to halloween! We miss him so MUCH!!!!

Tonight is party night and I have been moping around my little cracker-jack box apartment all day being jealous thinking about them and all the fun they are having. {I may or may not have spent hours of wishful thinking checking flight prices and strategizing a way to make it back.. somehow I couldn’t figure out how to make $563 fit into my budget this month}.

Being the precious little friends that they are, they skyped me while they were all getting dolled up and costumed! It was mad chaos, which made it feel perfectly normal 🙂 It felt like I was there, though I think it only increased my missing them!

New York is amazing but it is no fun being away on night’s like this… I just love them and miss them so much! Can’t wait to hear all the crazy stories from my little goblins!

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What do you do when you need to put on makeup but don’t have a mirror and the roomie is in the bathroom?




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Haley and the ‘ham

Drove up to visit Hay last week in Birmingham.. it was pure delight. We spent much of the night curled up on her cozy porch talking about how liberating it is to not have a plan and about how hard it is to learn to compromise. She is one of my bell ringers for sure.

Anyways… our conversation led me to two conclusions:

1: I REALLY REALLY hope there is a house (or hut- whatever) with a front porch swing in my future. It is a profound, but simple joy and I could just dangle my feet and swing forever.

2: I think I have a (rapidly) growing crush on Birmingham. Love the people and the vibe and all the people who are really chasing after good and seeking change. I think God is doing something really special there. Plus, it’s home to little Haybug.

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Bagby put a ring on it!


Leigh Anna got the bling bling!

Love, love, love these two so much– They are truly two of the best people I know. They are hilarious, humble, and full of life — and I couldn’t possibly be any happier for them.

Dear Bagby,
I am so glad that you decided to play whiffle ball on Samford Lawn that Sunday afternoon. We giggled about you taking our picture for weeks. You are the cutest thing on this planet and you make LA so happy. I’m really glad you nerdy kids found each other. Can’t wait to make records forever with y’all. Go Bags or GO HOME!

Dear Poodle/Bookie/Glenda/LA,
I can’t believe you are marrying modest mouse… who would have EVER thought the tipsy whiffleball kid would be your future babydaddy. You guys are perfect and truth be told, I am so jealous of your little Auburn love story. I am so excited to watch you marry the man of your dreams. You might just be the most beautiful bride ever! *p.s: is there a way to incorporate the trumpet into your big day? We must find a way.. ALL WILL BE WELL!


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My bell ringers.

Steven McMorran sings a song of hope for those days heavy with heartache. If you’re like me human, you have encountered brokenness and endured loss. Allowing myself to go back to old wounds or relive the ‘valleys’ that I’ve walked through is sometimes shitty and brutal- but the truest thing I have come to know is that I did not endure the pains of my past without the love of people around me. I’ve been listening to Steven’s song on repeat for atleast a month and all I can think of is how blessed I have been by those people that have cared for me and carried me through the rough stuff– my bell ringers. The people that have led me back home.

“Ring the bells that lead you home/ Cause the only truth I’ve ever known, Is that nothing ever hurts us more than love / So circle up your best of friends / And we’ll celebrate the way it ends / Atleast we live tonight

Scream out loud / Until you feel again / And hear the sound of how to heal an aching heart / And those that know you most / Can help you to live again / So keep them close / As you’re making your new start”

Really grateful for those who have circled up around me and given me permission to scream and shout until hope was restored– for those that let me live again.

who are the bell ringers in your life? thank them.

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Hair today, Gone Tomorrow

It is quite possible that prior to this cut, I could have won some kind of “most horrible hair” award.. or at least “most split ends ever”. It was Bad, with a capital B.

11 inches… HOLLA!

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Eat, Pray, Love

“I’m here. I love you. I don’t care if you need to stay up crying all night long, I will stay with you. There’s nothing you can ever do to lose my love. I will protect you until you die, and after your death I will still protect you. I am stronger than Depression and I am braver than Loneliness and nothing will ever exhaust me”

despite all the cool kid and know-it-all reviews, i really really liked this movie. it was deeply moving and stirred in me questions and fears and passions that seemed to have been laying still and stale for far too long. I’m excited to face them and understand them. I hope you’ll see it (without your cynicism or your jaded glasses or your friend’s opinions).

I’m chomping at the bit to read the book, now. I’m sure it will only increase my wanting to  ‘marvel at something‘ …

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This can’t be real.

Let me tell you how much I like being woken up by a jackhammer. Or Two? And a saw? Going at the same time?

That is taken out my bedroom window. I MEAN- GET REAL. Amy and I have to laugh so we don’t cry. We are about to blow our brains out. I can’t tell you how many times she has looked at me and said “is this real? this can’t be real?!!!”

I mean, seriously, he is practically in my bed with me.


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Me and the roomie (and her boyfriend.. hello, third wheel!) hit up the Union Square farmer’s market this weekend. I wish I had some kind of camera talent because the textures and colors were a photographer’s dream! Get ready for some mouth watering..

I’m not a huge fan of peppers and I wouldn’t touch an eggplant with a ten-foot pole– but I could’ve eaten it all– everything looked so fresh and tasty and perfect!

If you’re ever in the City in the summertime, I recommend this market- so many yummy treats!

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Introducing ..

McCallister Scott Creel

Congrats Court and Matt!

Can it be Tuesday already? I cannot tell you how miserable it is to be 1,037 miles away at times like this. Cannot wait to kiss those little cheekies!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

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